Marcus Blake and Andrew Tompson discuss the timescale for HS2

Jan 18, 2012, 02:58 PM

The timeline for the HS2 development is now much clearer and in the podcast Marcus Blake discussess the programme that the project will follow. This will be of interest to proeprty owners close to the route in particular.

The timeline is:

Early 2012

HS2 will shortly be writing to all owners of the property that are very close to the proposed line of the route to inform them of the Government’s decision, and the potential need for compulsory purchase of property.

Spring 2012

HS2 have announced that they plan to open a 12 week Consultation on the Compensation Proposals and the safeguarding of Phase 1 (London to West Midlands) route. This will enable them to finalise the Government’s approach on blight policy. We are not certain of the exact of the content of this consultation document but Berrys will be able to provide professional advice in due course when greater detail is known on the consultation process.

Summer 2012

HS2 will have their agreed compensation policy in place. They will also commence a comprehensive land referencing exercise to identify and confirm all property interests affected by the route. This will be followed by HS2 discussing with individual property owners the particular circumstances concerning their property, plus the process and arrangements that will apply regarding the potential future acquisition of all (or part of) their property.

Autumn 2012

This is the targeted time for safeguarding of HS2 route and is likely to trigger the end of the Exceptional Hardship Scheme. At the same time HS2 is likely to introduce a streamlined advance purchase scheme to simplify the statutory process for many property owners.

Spring 2013

Consultation on environmental statement for Phase 1.

Late 2013

Introduction of a Hybrid Bill to provide necessary powers to construct and operate Phase 1 of the railway.

Early 2014

Consultation of preferred route for Phase 2.

Late 2014

Government announcement of the chosen route for Phase 2.

2015 – 2016

On the currently anticipated programme, construction will start around 2016, and it is unlikely that any property will be required before 2015 at the earliest. It will be possible for individuals to bring the date of acquisition forward if they wish to do so – mainly under the implementation of blight provisions. #berrys #blight #compensation #HS2 #route #Brackley #Towcester