Isabel Losada: Sensation, Adventures in Sex, Love and Laughter

Sep 26, 11:00 AM

Gorgeous Wellbeing: Isabel Losada's Sensation: Adventures in Sex, Love and Laughter

The Year of Living Pleasurably!

Isabel Losada has been writing about the pursuit of happiness for 10 years but only now has she plucked up the courage to explore sex. Somehow in all this talk about mind, body and spirit we have forgotten that the body is designed for pleasure, a restorative source of joy. And so - with the enthusiastic and full support of her partner - she embarked on a year long investigation into sexuality. She tried all sorts of things: yoni massage, OMing, breath orgasms, etc. so that you don't have to! Have a listen, have a read and see what's right for you. What Isabel does emphasise, however, is that it is vital (along with a strong pelvic floor) to PRIORITISE PLEASURE!


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