NFAND Episode 71 - Yaraní del Valle, EcoKit Puerto Rico, actress, activist, producer

Oct 14, 2017, 10:56 AM

María Relief Effort Initiative: Yaraní del Valle is fierce. I’ve seen her sing her heart out. Etched in my mind. A unique interpreter she is. Bella. It is no coincidence that Yaraní, alongside Lady Onion, Aris Mejias, Lady Lanchonete, Isabel Gandía, and artist-activist Jeca Rodriguez created the EcoKit duffle initiative, Puerto Rico Eco Kit.

The backstory of how the three of us are connected is a nice mini story. But, the skinny is the lesson. And that is, the diaspora network is threaded and spreads out pretty far. People working together from all over and partnering with coalitions on the island, creating efforts, sending gestures, and operating in what Yara calls a “stork” system effort. All the while an emerging and unofficial, “new order” ripples.

Yara is a source and a force. Listen to her. She has a lot to say, not only about EcoKit but about who-where-how, the network she operates in is working.

EcoKit Puerto Rico Aris Mejias Isabel Gandía Jeca Rodriguez Yaraní Del Valle ISER Caribe

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