Plumbum Astray Edition

Oct 19, 2017, 11:00 AM

In this week’s episode, the president warms up for his speech at a cross burning, two different Christian bigots try out poetry and I just came again thinking about it, and Michele Bachmann teaches us that archaeology disproves archaeology.

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Headlines: Donald Trump gives speech to Christian hate group: and Timothy Dolan bitches loud enough to get LGBTQ friendly event moved from church: Roy Moore reads poem about babies piled in dumpsters at Christian event: Calgary school board member blames gays for terrorism: Michele Bachmann: “Every archaeological discovery confirms the truth of the bible” ADF misleads congress about surveys on Johnson Amendment: UK pharmacist jailed for showing beheading video to a kid: Fat Guy in a Red Hat raps back to Eminem:

This Week in Misogyny: Christian women march against feminism: Boy scouts allows girls, but not atheists: Todd Starnes at Value Voters Summit: Liberals want to criminalize masculinity: Muslim: We could stop sexual assault with more Islam: