Listen to the Truth! -

Jan 27, 2012, 12:55 AM, Modesto, CA, United States

Through the parable of the farmer, Jesus shows us how the Gospel progresses in the lives of individuals and also in the world as a whole. As the seed of the Gospel is sown in the world and hearts are changed, so is the world.

We have an eye in this study (as the parable does) to the final harvest - the Day of Judgment. On that Day, we will all be called to account to God for how we have lived our lives and what fruit we have produced. For believers this will be a judgment for reward but for others it will seal their fate in eternal punishment. Are you spiritually alive and growing in grace? Has the seed of the Gospel been sown in your heart? These are the questions we are challenged to answer. #GodSWord #Scripture #Truth

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