Grandparents as Parents - About Regional with Ian Campbell

Nov 01, 2017, 12:11 PM

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Show notes – Podcast 20 – when nan and pop have to be mum and dad About Regional is a new place for the stories of South East NSW. Podcast 20 features an extraordinary group of people who have just started meeting regularly to support each other through challenges and troubles that most would find impossible. This group of a dozen or more grandparents are raising their grandchildren and great grandchildren. The parents of these kids have deserted them for a range of reasons and these Grandparents – the parents of the parents are the safety net. Karen Thomas and Vanessa Bragg from PlayAbility in Bega have bought these families together. PlayAbility provide early intervention services for families who have young children with a disability or developmental delay. You are about to meet people that carry an interesting range of emotions - sadness and despair, mixed with joy, humour, and love. What stood out to me as I listened to these stories is that these people walk among us, carrying the most heartbreaking experiences, stories that have gone unheard, told by people who haven’t been recognised or supported – until now. I’ve beeped out the names of the kids to respect their privacy. About Regional content is supported by members, thank you to 2pi Software, The Crossing Land Education Trust at Bermagui, Sam Bright and Loz Hunt, Amanda Fowler and Kylie Dummer. Thanks for tuning in, your interest adds weight and momentum to the stories you’ve just heard. Your feedback and story ideas are welcome – email See you out and about in South East NSW. Ian

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