Roland VP-550 Demo Recording "12345" By New Wave Artist Anjelicas Baby

Jan 30, 2012, 01:36 PM

Hi Paul Leishman from British, Alternative, new wave, dance, electronic synthpop and pop rock music artist Anjelicas Baby here. Here is a demo recording with my Roland VP-550 in cubase. All the vocals are off the VP-550 with my own voice recorded at the same time veer the VP-550 as one main voice melody. I recorded each of the vocal processing presets minus the vocoda presets onto separate stereo tracks to build up the vocal sound. I eventually used the Roland VP-550 on my new Anjelicas Baby tracks also on youtube. If you want to here them, search for Anjelicas Baby "Time Flows By", "Thought Crime", "Where The Wind Blows", "My Name Is Ray", "Spare A Thought" and "The Other World".

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