Respect The DJ Part 1 (Montreal Edition) We Love Hip Hop Ep 21 DJ Majess,Kwite Sane & DJ Blaster

Jun 28, 2017, 06:32 AM

Impromptu Episode Alert! We sit down with DJ Majess, DJ Kwite Sane & DJ Blaster. We get into a deep convo about old school DJs and the DJs of the future, the struggles of DJing. We call Toronto to my co host PK Herc and discuss hip hop tea including; Migos, Drake making a Hip Hop album and more!

Kwite Sane: DJ Blaster: DJ Majess: Friday: PK Herc: Big Shout Out to Boroheads Glass Gallery @ 600 Church Street Boroheads: Toronto Organic: SixSocksToronto: Hip Hop Canada: