Chat with Toastmaster Anthony Day, conference organiser for SteelCity2017 in Sheffield

Nov 06, 2017, 10:30 PM

(10 minutes) Recorded in the bar of the Royal Victoria Holiday Inn Hotel in Sheffield, UK.

Paul O'Mahony talks with Anthony Day about (1) Anthony's experience at Toastmasters (2) The 2017 District 71 Conference (SteelCity2017) (3) Speech contests at the conference (4) Anthony's motivation for organising the conference (5) The local organising team (6) Why the team decided the conference should come to Sheffield (7) What Anthony Day has learned about Toastmasters conferences (8) Laughter Yoga session at Sheffield Club - an education session - maybe on body language (9) Charades - and speaking to an audience of deaf people (10) Variety of people you meet at Toastmaster.

Anthony Day's profile:

"a sustainability professional who helps businesses recognise and address the challenges, risks and opportunities of sustainable business.

Since 2014 he has published The Sustainable Futures Report, his weekly podcast focusing on sustainable business.

He created and chaired the 2016 Sustainable Best Practice Exchange at Pavilions of Harrogate, where 100 sustainability professionals came together to learn and to share ideas.

Anthony's keynote speeches are "Sustainable Futures" - a topical overview of the issues and "Seven Billion People Want Everything You've Got" for sixth-form students.

As a keynote speaker, seminar leader and facilitator, Anthony has led webinars and delivered speeches for organisations including the Low Carbon Best Practice Exchange, Sustainability Live, 2degrees, the Clean Technologies Show, AMPS and BusinessGreen."

You can see Anthony Day's profile here: