NFL w/ James Earl Brassfield

Nov 08, 2017, 12:00 PM

Pizza Money member and Teach Them Devils cohost James Earl Brassfield joins Jordan and Jeremy (they can't be the Fat Woke Boyz this week as their guest is heavier and more colourful than them) to discuss his hatred of the NFL. JEB thinks the new rules to protect players have made the game soft, and he has some opinions about how to fix them. We get into the awfulness of being a Cleveland Browns fan, and Jordano cries about his Packers because he wants to kiss Aaron Rodgers' boo boo and make it better. JEB also hates wrestling, which raises some hackles. Should college players be paid? Who is the worst commissioner of all time? What's Jordan's brilliant idea to combat racism in football? Find out as JEB attempts to teach these devils. This episode is brought to you by: Brit Fox (xfoxrox on IG & Snapchat) Jess Faulstich (@epicfaul) Plight of the Stripperherder ( #Cleveland #Comedy #Standup #Racism #Football #Browns #Packers #Vikings #RogerGoddell #NCAA #Wrestling #CTE #PeeWee