The daggers are out for Theresa May

Nov 13, 2017, 12:05 PM

It would appear the daggers are out for Theresa May! Political is the focus of this trading week according to Matt and Tim Harrison, Head of Wealth Management of Linear Investments.

The major effect on the markets is on sterling, which is being pushed towards 130. May even break through the 113 - 129 level. This is worrying for Tim, because at this moment in time, we really need political support behind our leader,  so we can get the best possible Brexit deal.

However, Tim thinks there will still be a lot of back and forth to come. It is having an impact on markets this morning though. 

Does this weaken May's hand at the bargaining table?

Matt believes the EU may see this as lack of strength and weaken her position. Watch the full segment to find out what Tim thinks about this, as the pair discuss the current state of the conservative party. 

We need a strong government at the moment, behind Theresa May. Brexit will be a long winded process and there will be still alot to come. Watch to see how this political uncertainty is effecting the markets. 

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