First day of #FeBOOary, a little introduction


wil you join us for the #FeBOOary challenge? Details and topics for Week One here: #audioboo #JoinUs

Feb 01, 2012, 03:26 PM, London, London Borough of Southwark, United Kingdom
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sm2n - over 5 years ago

As I said to @sawyergb, I think 'FeBOOary' is a much better name than 'NaPodPoMo' (as evidenced by the fact that you misremembered the name in your recording).


sm2n - over 5 years ago

Thanks, Kate, that's more like it.


RadioKate - over 5 years ago

@sm2n I'm sorry that you think that we are being disingenuous - we have supported NaPodPoMo, and we support @sawyergb with his FeBOOary challenge. I don't think that anyone has claimed it to be a novel idea - indeed, doing something everyday for a month is hardly something new, and NaPodPoMo itself is derivative of NaNoWriMo and others as I understand (correct me if I'm wrong).

I don't know if SawyerGB knew about NaPodPoMo or not, but certainly the term FeBOOary was his idea and as I've already mentioned, I'm not sure anyone can really claim to have had the original 'doing something everyday for a month' idea. We are encouraging people to be creative for a month and share their Audioboos with one another in a friendly manner. Surely this is something to celebrate?

I mentioned NaPodPoMo in my boo, and am happy to link to them in the Audioboo blog too. No-one is trying to steal credit for anything, we are just trying to support people being creative in the new year. I do hope you'll join us.


sm2n - over 5 years ago

The thing I find a bit disingenuous about FeBOOary is that you guys don't really give any credit to NaPodPoMo, which FeBOOary bears more than a passing resemblance to, and which has been going for 4 years now – many of the participants using Audioboo for their posts. So it's hardly a completely novel idea now, is it? It may be that @sawyergb was completely oblivious to NaPodPoMo and AudioMo, and came up with the idea on his own. I am not saying that he copied the idea. But I would have a lot more respect if you guys were to give credit where credit's due, and give a little recognition to NaPodPoMo.