My Opinion Means... It Begins #1

Nov 16, 2017, 02:12 PM

This is the first episode of My Opinion Means Nothing... Hosted by Kory Williams and Co-Hosted by Philippe Oodian... You'll have to excuse the buzzing in the background lol but this is the first episode so something was bound to go wrong. We discuss what's happening in the world, games and some other random banter... We watched Last of Us Part II - Teaser Trailer #2 Trailer PS4 on YouTube | Follow Us on Twitter & IG: @myopinionmeans and Find Us on Facebook: My Opinion Means Nothing | Follow Host Kory; Twitter: @KoryD, IG: @korykor & Facebook: @kloudpoetry | Also you can find Feel Theatre on Twitter: @FEEL_Theatre, IG: @feeltheatre & Facebook: FEEL Theatre Company | SUBSCRIBE!!