My Opinion Means... The Philippeat #2

Nov 23, 2017, 12:00 PM

I hope you've been listening to My Opinion and realised how it really Means Nothing... This is the second episode of My Opinion Means Nothing... Hosted by Kory Williams and Co-Hosted by Philippe Oodian... Did you know 19th November was International Men's Day? Well neither did I until quite recently and what's up with girls selling their virginity! We discuss what's happening in the world, games and other random banter... more random facts and more opinions that mean nothing... We watched 'JUSTICE LEAGUE - Official Heroes Trailer' and 'Kurupt FM - Suttin Like Dat (Official Video)' on YouTube | Follow Us on Twitter, IG & Facebook @MyOpinionMeans | Follow Host Kory; Twitter: @koryd, IG: @korykor & Facebook: @kloudpoetry | SUBSCRIBE!!