A World Cup senza Italy, Tite’s Brazil & the NLD

Nov 16, 2017, 04:01 PM

In this week’s podcast, Dan Burke is joined behind the mic by the Onefootball newsroom’s Konstantin Keller and Nathalia Araújo.

We now know who will be participating in next summer’s World Cup but the most glaring omission from the 32-team list is Italy. What has happened to the Italian game and is Gian Piero Ventura the most stubborn coach in the history of international football?

One nation who will be dazzling us in Russia next summer is Brazil, however, and Nathalia talks us through where it’s all gone right for the Verde Amarela since that 7-1 defeat by Germany at the last World Cup, how Neymar’s world record transfer to PSG went down in his homeland and why Gabriel Jesus is definitely the new Ronaldo.

Next up, Phil Costa from Tifo Football got on the blower to talk all things North London derby. Is Arsène Wenger’s time up at Arsenal? Have the Gunners got a chance this weekend? And can Spurs – or, indeed, anybody – catch Manchester City in the race for the Premier League title?

There was also some reminiscing about the best match the panel have ever witnessed in the flesh and even a rare bit of Berlin football chat for once.