Episode 53 - Elayne Kramer, 8th generation circus artist and star of Big Apple Circus

Nov 20, 2017, 11:08 PM

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On this week's episode Josh and Lyndsay talk about new bans on the use of wild animals in circuses and dissect the 2017/2018 Broadway musical lineup. They also sit down for an interview with the contortionist and handstand artist Elayne Kramer. Elayne is an eight generation circus performer and previous winner at the Monte Carlo circus festival; she's also one of the stars of the new Big Apple Circus show and we make sure to ask her what her take is on the new version of the company. If you enjoy today's episode, please rate us on iTunes and share the show with a friend or family member. Have a great week and Thanksgiving! [10:39] Growing up in Argentina and the US in a circus family[14:14] Learning contortion and handstands starting at age 4[21:02] Competing in the Monte Carlo circus festival[32:50] Adapting her act for different genres of circus (classical vs contemporary)[38:45] The differences between the old and new Big Apple Circus[44:00] Elayne's most painful trick