04 Blade Runner Films: Noir & Electronic Scores

Dec 01, 2017, 05:45 PM

In this episode, we’ll explore the music in BLADE RUNNER and in BLADE RUNNER 2049 through films noir as well as electronic movie music. We’ll talk sound design much more than usual as its so tightly integrated into the soundscapes of these films.

Also related is a discussion on some of the social issues inherent in the music of the BLADE RUNNERs and noir, specifically race and gender politics.

SPOILERS for most of the major plot points in BLADE RUNNER and BLADE RUNNER 2049.

Show Notes:

0:00:00 - Introduction 0:01:22 - Blade Runner as Hybrid Genre Sci-fi Noir 0:04:30 - Film Noir Music: Intro / Classic Noir 0:09:22 - Jazz in Film: Race & Gender / The Crooner & Chanteuse 0:17:56 - Blade Runner: Memory & Nostalgia 0:20:00 - Noir: Trope of the Jazzy Solo Instrument 0:25:50 - Blade Runner / Chariots of Fire: Expressive & Emotional Electronics 0:28:29 - Electronic Film Music: Alien Sounds / Theremin 0:32:16 - Electronic Film Music: Forbidden Planet / Blurring of Music & Sound Design 0:33:34 - Vehicle Sounds: Blade Runner Films & Forbidden Planet 0:40:02 - Influence of Weather in Music & Film Scores 0:53:48 - Multiculturalism: Blade Runner & Films Noir 1:00:20 - Piano Symbolism in Blade Runner Films 1:04:07 - Reverb & Voice / Voiceover Narration 1:10:43 - 2019 vs. 2049: Stasis vs. Movement 1:19:20 - Outro / Sources / Social media / “Tears in Rain”

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