Tumblr w/ Alex DeCourville

Dec 04, 2017, 12:00 PM

Actor/Writer/Filmmaker/Musician/Comedian Alex DeCourville joins the Fat Woke Boyz to discuss his hatred of Tumblr. Alex sees a lot of cross posting from this social network to other social networks, so Sheer tries to explain it. Jordan only uses Tumblr for porn so he learns a bit. And of course, we talk wrestling because it is the tie that binds us. If you haven't seen Alex do his take on the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick, it's worth a watch along with his many other projects. If you've come into this episode expecting an indictment of Tumblr specific identity politics, you will be disappointed. I'm a dragon. Recorded by Mike Calhoun. Produced by Mike Calhoun and Pete Milk. This episode is brought to you by: Jess Faulstich (@epicfaul) Brit Fox (xfoxrox on IG & Snapchat) Plight of the Stripperherder (plightofthestripperherder.blogspot.com) #Cleveland #Akron #Comedy #Acting #Pinheads #TheList #Memes