NFAND Episode 81 | María Torres, dancer, choreographer

Dec 03, 2017, 11:32 AM

NFAND Episode 81 | Maria Torres, dancer and choreographer

I was a dancer once, so my love and respect for dancers is a bit biased. But so be it, the discipline dancers have is mostly unrecognized and misunderstood. It’s not all games and play at the ballet. Dancers dance. Dancers arrive early for class. Dancers can count, can change the accent of their physical move just to make it fun. Dancers experience life with a sense of physicality, quick wit learning, doer action, and improvisation that blends well with everyday common life.

María Torres’ first dance class was at 1-year old in her family living room. The daugher of a conguero, I guess she was born to feel the rhythm and show it. The long story short is that she ended up winning a ballroom dance competition that started her off on a journey that has not stopped since. You have to hear her tell the story. Here is an artist that has gone at it her way without excuses. Here’s a self-realized woman who mentors others with talent and grit who are also going at it their way, because if not, something inside will die.

Here’s to focusing, going for it, and dancing… Sol