Baker's Doesn't Edition

Dec 07, 2017, 12:00 PM

In this week’s episode, the Supreme Court rules you have to make a gay couple a wedding cake but you no longer have to watch them have sex with it, Pakistan will put the ‘cleric’ back in ‘clerical error’, and Andrew Torrez from the Opening Arguments Podcast will be here to tell us how long before we reinstitute trial by ordeal.

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Headlines: SCOTUS says Texas is allowed to continue discriminating against same-sex couples: Update on gay wedding cake case: and “Muslim ban goes through supreme court until it doesn't...kinda Evangelicals support Roy Moore: Abortion is worse than being a pedo so I support Roy Moore: Pakistani clerical error leads to riots that kill at least two: Jim Bakker has launched a 24/7 christian HSN: Churches may get Taxpayer Funds under New Disaster Relief Bill SC promotes “bibles and badges”: Lady wins case not to give fingerprint because it's the mark of the devil: