General things and my thoughts on £Febooary

Feb 05, 2012, 01:16 AM, Palm Desert, CA, United States
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omaniblog - over 5 years ago

Greetings from Cork Ireland. I was immediately attracted to your Boo by the title "£Febooary" - I thought you'd found a way to make money out of Febooary because £ symbol shouted out to me (£ being the currency used in UK).

Now that I'm here - I'm glued to the sound of your voice (it's so clear & strong), I'm listening thru to the end & replaying it.

"my followers would get totally bored with me..." Really? What sort of followers do you have? What's the evidence that they're already at saturation point - hoping you don't share any more audio content? Or could you simply be vocalising the human anxiety that others may reject you? That anxiety is (in my experience) ever present in all humans - it's one of the sensitivities that make us normal.

I hope you join in Febooary every day from now on. I for one am pleased to stumble across your female voice because it help me find gender balance within Febooary. (I have a project: listen to loads of Febooary - but making sure I hear 50% women & 50% men over the 29 days. This reveals a lot about me...)