#6: Much Bites founder Wesley Muchimwe: Creating a food blog, building an audience and going from working solo to building a team

Dec 11, 2017, 12:46 PM

In today's pod we talk about how Wes has developed his Madrid (and now UK-based) food blog, Much Bites, over the past 4 years. We talk about creating engaging content, listening to your audience (who will be small to start with!) going from working solo to creating a team and why Wes does all of this!

As Wes says, if you have a project you believe in and want to create- don't give up, keep going and look for supportive people to come along with you, as this makes all the difference.

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Recorded: Summer 2017

Much Bites blog: www.muchbites.com

Much Bites on Instagram: www.instagram.com/muchbites