Vulnerable Transgender Fetus Edition

Dec 21, 2017, 12:00 PM

In this week’s episode, the CDC gets 7 words they can’t say in this hellish vision, Egypt comes out with some banana porn that sadly does not include Ray Comfort, and a fat man will watch you sleep.

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Headlines: CDC gets list of banned words from Trump: Roy moore blames everyone and doesn’t concede Kevin Swanson blames Moore loss on Alabama’s “significant sexual problems” Jesse Lee Petersen says it’s because black people don’t believe in god enough: Study: Most Americans don’t give a fuck if you say “merry Christmas” or “happy holidays” Pope wants to change the translation of the Lord's Prayer: Gay man who got denied a marriage license by Kim Davis now running against her: Big win in legal case against tax free housing for pastors:

Egyptian pop singer will serve jail time for sucking off a banana in her video:

This Week in Misogyny: Trump admin seeks to block two more immigrant abortions: Catholic Priest: It would be unethical to install smoke detectors at Planned Parenthood: