ScathingAtheist 254: Laying Down the Law Edition

Dec 28, 2017, 12:00 PM

In this week’s episode, we do voices and skits so that you can freak out those teenagers in the white shirts, the new Star Wars movie conceals its gay sexbot agenda using lesbian SJW propaganda, and Pope Francis will lay down the Law.

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Headlines: Pope takes place in molestor Cardinal’s funeral: Sean Combs finds sign of god in nowhere: Kasich signs law banning abortion of Down's Syndrome fetuses: Egypt set to criminalize atheism: Mormons baptize holocaust victims and Trump’s parents: CDC follow up: Turkish therapist: “Atheists who learn to breathe will find god” Saudi chess tournament mired in religious outrage:

Alex Jones: “New Star Wars is state sponsored propaganda”

This Week in Misogyny: Rape is worse if you’re a Christian virgin: