Sail through choppy waters this year

Jan 02, 2018, 05:30 PM

This idea is to help you & others navigate the coming year - get most out of 2018 & do your best work.

Chris Brogan first suggested this in 2006. He came up this the idea of picking three words - three lighthouses by which to steer your way through what's bound to be a choppy year.

[Here's Chris Brogan]

There will be heavy seas. Fair winds too.

Often you won't remember where you intended to reach - let alone how you hoped to get there.

Faced with decisions - some big, some tiny - it'll be good for you to fall back on three words you'll remember through 'thick & thin'.

Paul O'Mahony speaks about this topic for 10 minutes - explains why he picked these particular words to help him have a good year in 2018.

Paul's #My3Words are :

*Leave *Bond *Harmonize