Transfers! Transfers! Transfers! (and some football stuff)

Jan 10, 2018, 03:38 PM

In this week’s podcast, Ian McCourt is joined by the Onefootball newsroom’s André Gonçalves and Lewis Ambrose.

You know it’s January when it’s dark outside, everyone is depressed and there are more transfer stories than you can shake a stick at. With that in mind, it is time to talk all about the biggest deals so far, including (but not limited to) Coutinho’s move to Barcelona, Virgil van Dijk’s transfer to Liverpool and Ross Barkley to Chelsea.

With that done, there are questions from listeners to be answered and there are questions re Arsenal to be answered. Arsène Wenger’s side are now out of the title race, out of the Champions League and out of the FA Cup. If he were to leave in the summer, would the club be in a worse state than when he arrived? And was he wrong to have a pop at the referees and their treatment of the north London club?