Terry McKenzie. Living in one of Weston, Missouri's most haunted homes. (2018)

Nov 09, 2023, 03:00 AM

“I ain’t afraid of no ghosts.” – Ghostbusters, Ray Parker Jr.

The owners didn't believe in ghosts. They showed up anyway.

Terry McKenzie talks about what it was like to discover ghosts are real. Activity started shortly after they started work on the house. 

His wife didn't take it too seriously because he experienced it first. That changed when she began to experience the paranormal stuff too. A believer now. She draws the line at staying alone in the house overnight. The atmosphere changes at night.

Terry needed to document some of the furnishings for insurance purposes and took a photo of an antique dresser with a mirror in an empty room. When the picture was developed, clearly reflected in the mirror, were the images of two people, a man and a woman – dressed in period clothing. Holy grail for a ghost hunter. Difficult to explain or to deny. That image is incredible. I’ve seen it. 

The home has been a regular stop [outdoor] on the Halloween Ghost walk. I toured this home when it was on the Weston 2018 Christmas Homes Tour. Description of the homes on the 2023 tour list is on the Facebook Page. Here is the Candlelight Homes Tour site.

Show previously aired on KCMO AM. Original interview post date 1/18/2018.

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