A Belly Full with Riaz Phillips

Jan 31, 2018, 05:30 AM

Toast (as in 'propose a') is a new monthly Lecker offshoot raising a glass to great and diverse food projects and enterprises. 

In the first Toast, Lucy meets Riaz Phillips, a London-based photographer and writer whose book Belly Full was released last year. It's a celebration of Caribbean food history and culture in the UK told through photographs of and interviews with people who run a selection of restaurants, takeaways, shops and factories.

Over lunch Riaz explained how the book came out of posting pictures of his food online and why it's important to document and celebrate the stories of Caribbean food entrepreneurs especially since mainstream food culture tends to omit them.

Location: Smokey Jerky (158 New Cross Road) / Lucy's living room

Food: large mixed jerk lamb and pork with rice and peas (Riaz), small jerk lamb with rice and peas (Lucy - I normally get large there and regretted the small!)

You can buy Belly Full at https://www.tezetapress.com/

Follow Riaz @riazphillips on Twitter and Instagram.

Some food entrepreneurs that Riaz rates:

Sudanese Kitchen http://www.sudanesekitchen.com/

Original Flava http://originalflava.com/

The Groundnut http://www.thegroundnut.co.uk/GROUNDNUT/HOME.html

A few places Riaz likes to eat:

Horizon Foods Roti (Tottenham)

Peppers and Spice (Tottenham, Dalston)

Tottenham Town Bakery (Seven Sisters)

Roti Stop (Stoke Newington)

Rudies (Dalston)

Chaconia (Deptford)

Roti Joupa (Clapham)

Hilltop (Ealing)

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