Prehabilitation (Part 1)

Feb 15, 2018, 04:13 PM

Gaurav is passionate about educating the clients and fitness professionals of the industry on fitness philosophy, functional training, corrective exercises, injury management and rehabilitation and has been delivering the same locally in India.

Gaurav also conducts free education for the deserving and underprivileged candidates who can't afford to pay & upgrade themselves however want to grow with the industry and for his work, commitment and dedication for the community and society he has received Personal Trainer of the year Award in Asia Fitness Convention 2015.

Gaurav's passion and desire to learn and grow with the fitness industry has lead to a multifaceted career as a personal trainer, coach and Educator for various courses and certifications in fitness. He is also certified in and teaching some other movement based programs including - TRX, BOSU, RPM, Spinning, HIIT, Bootcamp and Mat Pilates. Since he never stops to grow and learn therefore now he is currently learning yoga.

He has world renowned qualification in strength and conditioning CSCS and he runs reputed REHABtrainer certification across the globe.

He entered very into philosophy of rehab and yoga in current episode.

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