The Tall Ones Part 3

Feb 19, 2018, 01:58 AM

So, what have we learned about giants? Our current understanding of human biology finds limits as to how tall a person can grow and can still be relatively healthy while enjoying an advanced age. This knowledge then places limits as to what the majority are willing to believe about the tallest humans throughout all history, that no one could have existed beyond 8 to 10 feet tall at the most. In the still-nascent field of archeology in the 19th century, excavations do seem to provide accounts of unusually large individuals in Europe and significant numbers of taller than average Native American tribal members here in the U.S., so perhaps whole communities could have been seen as giants by contemporary standards. However, there are those researchers and writers who believe, possibly spurred by those findings and the subsequent, apparent mishandling of artifacts by some museums and academic institutions, that there exists a conspiracy to keep evidence of beings beyond that range from the public, and that the even more massive giants of yore were real, and some may even live to this day. If this is true, then one must think about our definition of a real giant, and would that giant be a real human?

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