IOE #06: Instagram 2018 with Liz Corvino

Feb 19, 2018, 02:02 PM

Continuation of how to win on IG in 2018. I was originally going to record this with Liz Corvino (@lizvino on IG) as a training for our RevLabs brand ambassadors and influencers to help the company continue to grow. After the amazing amount of feedback and questions from my listeners last week, I decided to turn it into a podcast episode for the public to learn from and enjoy.

Note: apologies for the audio quality but this was originally going to be a video not a podcast. If you need questions answered or some one on one consulting on growing your reach, as always, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Wanna win on Instagram? It’s imperative to give instagram what they want! Liz Corvino and I break down the 7 steps to doing exactly that so you can grow your IG in 2018.

The main take aways you will learn on this episode of IOE;

1) IG is limiting post exposure to make room for paid ads. How do you get the most amount of exposure to your posts? 

2) Switch to a business account.

 a) This gives IG what they want because it makes you account compatible with their paid platform.

 b) Increased analytics - if you can’t measure it you cant manage it.  

3) IG wants interactive People/pages.

 a) ENGAGE WITH EVERY COMMENT (at least for the first hour your post is up)

 b) Engage in other peoples content (4 words or more)

 c) No Repeat Comments

4) IG Stories- Direct attack on competitor SnapChat

 a) Populates to the front of followers story feeds

 b) Induces Engagement From others

 c) New feature rolled out to be able to share stories

 d) Natural virality with story telling and a deeper more intimate connection to your audience.

5) Captions - 

 a) IG likes long form content. So do search engines.

 b) do not abuse/repeat hashtags.

 c) Hashtags must be in post not in comments!

 d) Do not delete, edit or repost pics for first hour.

6) Explore page is blending with your feed. New people YOU DONT FOLLOW in your feed as added reward for good users. Increased incentive to play their game properly

7) Follow Hash Tags is a new feature roll out. Whenever you play with new features IG likes this. 

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