Episode #252: ‘Buffy’ 7×18 and ‘Angel’ 4×18 – Pronouns!

Feb 22, 2018, 05:24 PM

Join ReWatchable as we discuss Angel 4×18 “Shiny Happy People” and Buffy 7×18, “Dirty Girls.”

Superfans: Karen and Natalie

Newbies: Kristen and Danielle

Fun Facts:

Danielle and her dad threw her mom a surprise birthday party and it was a total shock to her mom, so YAY! Kristen has started preparing for her big book convention in March and has started packing her books. Natalie is working on her remodel while using public transportation to get around which doesn’t make it easy. Karen finally saw Maze Runner: The Death Cure and cringed when she saw the stunt where Dylan got hurt.

Angel season 4, episode 18, “Shiny Happy People”


-We love Gina Torres, but Jasmine has got to go.

-It was really frustrating to see them all under her power.

-Cordy is unconscious, so that’s an improvement for her storyline…sadly.

-We would love for Cordy to wake up and slap some sense into these people.

-Crack theory time!

-Was Angel infatuated with his granddaughter (Ewww) or was it just a version of hero worship?

-We really want Fred to figure this out and save the day.

-Gina Torres may have come to us all at different times, but we’re all grateful for her awesomeness.

-Favorite Scenes

-Favorite Lines

Buffy season 7, episode 18, “Dirty Girls”


-Xander’s dream is as icky as Cordy’s pregnancy.

-This episode was a huge disservice to the series’ overarching message about the value of women.

-Faith is back in Sunnydale!

-We are all on board with more Faith and Spike, whether its as bickering siblings or straight up allies.

-Wait, didn’t Buffy close the door on Giles last episode? Why is he still chiming in?

-We explain how Faith and Dawn know each other even though they’ve never appeared in an episode together. Just in case you were confused too.

-Xander’s speech is moving and we appreciate his lovely words.

-Danielle got a bit spoiled about Xander’s injury, but she’s spoiler free from here on out.

-We have developed some attachments to a few of these potentials.

-Note: Using the Chinese potential as comedic relief is not funny.

-Favorite Scenes

-Favorite Lines

Listener Feedback:

-We’re a little confused, so please remind us when we discussed this mojito.

-Thanks for listening, new ReWatchable fans! We love hearing that new people are discovering us.

Kristen’s Kontemplations/Danielle’s Deliberations:

–Angel season 4, episode 19, “Magic Bullet”

–Angel season 4, episode 20, “Sacrifice”

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