Season 1, Episode 4,  Feb 26, 2018, 05:30 AM

For Episode 4 Stevie Mackenzie-Smith and Ana Kinsella are talking routine. Fashion writer and curator Lou Stoppard tells us how to “curate” a wardrobe that makes sense for you (sorry, Lou) and we learn about wearing exclusively monochrome looks from radio producer and Soho resident Clare Lynch. Also, we hear some secrets on replenishment buying and discuss how to take care of your clothes, and yourself. Loved and Lost comes from writer Zsofia Paulikovics. 

You can find Clare Lynch on Twitter at @clarelynchred and hear her show Soho Hour on Soho Radio on Thursdays at 9am.

Lou Stoppard is on Twitter and Instagram: @loustoppard

Zsofia is also on Twitter and Instagram @paulikovics.

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Production by Lucy Dearlove.