#8: Project Love founder Selina Barker: Embracing imperfection and experimenting to try things out and find your thing

Feb 26, 2018, 11:02 PM

Selina Barker is one half of the brilliant Project Love with Vicki Pavitt. Project Love developed from a series of podcasts back in 2014 looking at love and relationships (with topics like: how to get out of your head and into your body; creating a space for love; how to love without losing yourself; how your inner shitty committee might be getting in the way of finding love….) as well real love stories with people about their relationships and how they met their partner. Project Love is all about helping women to have the kind of lives and relationships they want, and to develop the courage to follow their own path. We also spoke about the process of developing a business and the importance of experimenting to find out what you really enjoy and what resonates with other people, breaking down a dream into a project in order to explore this and find your thing.

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Recorded in August 2017

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