Starbucks vibes with the Big homie DJ Lucky C

Mar 07, 2018, 08:56 PM

Good afternoon Fam!!! On this episode of #sportsbizmusic the podcast which is the 15th Episode!!! I had the honor to sit and check with Miami's own and soon to be a legendary Dj out here Mr. Hey Now himself Dj LuckyC. We had a deep conversation about his life and how he started dancing and becoming a rapper before becoming one of the most well known Dj's. We also talked about his experiences living in D.C for high school, going to Barry University and studying Criminology, progressing as a DJ and more!! He also has his own podcast called "In These Streetz" which you can listen to it on SoundCloud.


DJ Lucky C or simply "Lucky" is known for his versatility in spinning and hosting various events as well being very business oriented. Over the years, he has honed his craft by working various events from baby showers, kid parties to hip-hop clubs and gentleman's clubs.

After working closely with other DJ coalitions early in his career, (Jam Squad DJs and the Core DJs), DJ Lucky C wanted to expand and start his own coalition/company. By partnering with his younger cousin and budding rap artist "Doe", the pair formed the "GroundWork Boyz" in 2013.

Now with over ten (10) years experience and the desire to learn new skills, Lucky began to study radio personalities and mix show DJs in 2013. This led to the creation of an online radio broadcast that allowed Lucky to connect with people from all over the world. While working on the online radio broadcasts, Lucky also began to broaden his horizons by working closely with various clothing brands such as "8&9", "Pursuit of Happiness", "Bakery Gang" and "Kri8ed Clothing". By working with these brands, Lucky was able to use his passion for music and connect these companies and followers on social media.

After successfully doing online broadcasts for about a year and a half, Lucky began to focus on a new venture; a mixtape series entitled "GroundWork Season". This 7 volume series was released in a two-month span beginning November 19, 2015 and concluding on November 19, 2016. Over the course of the year, DJ Lucky C bridged a gap in the Miami music scene by using various online music outlets and having hard copy CDs in the streets.

By September 2016, Lucky was given the opportunity to guest DJ on 99Jamz for the Labor Day Mixshow Weekend. Lucky was offered and accepted a position with the station by November 2016 and immediately went to work. Over the course of a year, DJ Lucky C has grown from "mix show DJ" to learning how to operate the radio equipment and developing an on-air personality. By utilizing the various skills he has learned over the years, DJ Lucky C is poised to elevate to the next plateau under the guidance of the 99Jamz family.

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