Airing Pain at 100 with the Glasgow Pain Education Session

Mar 14, 11:18 AM

Airing Pain’s centenary! In this landmark edition Paul Evans explores the origins of Airing Pain with founder Heather Wallace, and visits one of Pain Concern’s informative pain education sessions.

In 2010, Airing Pain was conceived as a way for those with chronic pain, unable to leave their homes and attend support meetings, to easily access vital resources.

Heather knew that this undertaking would require a skilled and experienced producer, so she reached out to Paul Evans. In this edition Paul reminisces about the first phone call they had together, his eye-opening experience of realising just how large the pool of knowledge on pain was, and how the pain education sessions came to be.
Paul then heads to Eastwood in the south of Glasgow to sit in on one of our sessions. He speaks to both pain education trainers and participants about their experiences how their relationship with pain has changed as a result.

• Heather Wallace – Founder of Pain Concern
• Angela O’Neil – Pain Education Session Trainer Volunteer for NHS and Pain Concern
• Georgina McDonald – Pain Education Session Trainer Volunteer
• Britney – Pain Education Session Attendee
• Claire Mitchell – Clinical Health Psychology Student at Strathclyde University and Pain Education Session Trainer Volunteer
• Esther McFarlane – Pain Education Session Attendee and Ex Pain Management Nurse
• Lynn Watson – Clinical Nurse Specialist in Pain Management Programme for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

More information:
• Pain Concern’s Glasgow based Pain Education Sessions: