The Realbellious Podcast: Episode 1 featuring Brian B.

Mar 21, 2018, 08:55 PM

In the 1st episode, of The Realbellious Podcast, I got a interview from the 1st guest Brian B. (rapper from Bainbridge, GA). In this interview, he speaks on his style of music & gives his background as a rapper. Plus, he discussed his perspective on his independence & a lot more, such as his admiration for Gucci Mane. Before, during, & after the interview, I got a couple Brian B. songs on deck to play, so if you're listening, check 'em out. If you like what you hear in this episode, please LIKE, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE & ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!!!!

Episode 1 featuring Brian B. 1. Introduction 0:00-1:35 2. Brian B. intro. mix (Kill It, Go Loco, No Rules & Real Ones) 1:37-4:20 3. Brian B. gives his overall description of himself  4:23-6:47 4. His music history & future projects 6:48-13:12 5. Musical influences & current music he's listening to 13:13-16:25 6. The importance of lyrics/real content & the reason lyrics always matter 16:26-19:11 7. Quick mix/verses that expresses his personal life (Poat City Niggaz Mind frame, Love Me, Genius Child, Everyday 2, No Love, Legend, Smile, Pray for Peace, Where I'm From, Patience, Self-Made) 19:12-29:46 8. Pros/Cons & Best/Worst experience of being a independent artist 29:49-32:15 9. Remain independent or sign with a record label? 32:16-33:06 10. Opinion on Rap scene in Bainbridge 33:07-37:05 11. Leaders 37:06-39:12 12. Supporters Vs Non-supporters 39:13-42:00 13. Performing 42:01-44:49 14. 1 thing to change in the music industry 44:50-45:17 15. Goals to reach success 45:18-45:46 16. Black Ice Freestyle 45:47-47:22 17. Outro 47:23-48:55 18. *Brian B. - Hustle For Real (Unreleased/Exclusive) 48:56-52:54