Nicholas Pegg on Never Let Me Down

Mar 27, 2018, 09:00 PM

Mullets! Marimbas! Multimedia arachnid mayhem! Yes it's the spidery folly of 1987's 'Never Let Me Down', with Nicholas Pegg returning to stoutly defend his choice of album to a sceptical public, in this highly entertaining ramble.

The 1987 album 'Never Let Me Down' was a mishmash of styles, songs and haircuts as Bowie attempted to jumpstart his flagging career, with this confused follow up to 1984's 'Tonight'. Reflecting the uncertainty of Bowie's mindset at the time - casting around for a new direction and harking back to the theatricality of 'Diamond Dogs' a decade earlier, while trying to forge a contemporary sound. In this very entertaining conversation, The Complete David Bowie author Nicholas Pegg joins me again to chew over the album which he maintains, is not quite the car crash I always considered it to be... Plus, we hear Bowie's Iggy and Springsteen imitations and Nick explains why the Glass Spider is really a magical moment in Bowie's oeuvre...