David Quantick on PinUps

Apr 05, 2018, 11:43 AM

PinUps is Bowie's fond parting gift to 1960s London, with covers of classic and less-known tracks from the Who, Kinks, Yardbirds, Syd's Pink Floyd, Them and more. It's also his farewell to Ziggy - having broken up the band when the kids had killed the man in July of 1973, our little wonder was going places - inventing Orwellian rock dystopia and becoming a grand, raddled dame of despair. But first! There was this LP to do, and what a fine album it is, a rocking, reeling rolling romp through the track listing but unlike similar covers albums by contemporaries Bryan Ferry, and a few years later, Lennon, PinUps has a deliciously freaky feel to it - these aren't straight covers, they're fantastically inventive impressionistic reworkings. You hear Bowie and band deconstruct the Who's 'I Can't Explain' or Pink Floyd's 'See Emily Play' with spooky menace and dread, yelp manically through Them's 'Here Comes The Night' and the Pretty Things' 'Rosalyn' and croon beautifully in the Merseys' 'Sorrow'. It's an extraordinary album and one that stayed close to its creator's heart for many years to come. David Quantick tells me why it has stayed with him all these years in a most enjoyable chat - so come and hear for yourself and enjoy!