Episode 44

Season 1, Episode 44,   Apr 19, 2018, 08:17 PM


Award winning author of ‘Step Into The Spotlight, A Guide To Getting Noticed”, Tsufit has been pushing the boundaries for her entire career. After 10 years as a Dean’s List litigation lawyer, Tsufit left law for the limelight performing comedy on television and gaining international attention for her debut music CD.

Tsufit now coaches entrepreneurs, CEO’s, professionals, authors and speakers to be stars on their business stage.

Recently featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Tsufit is a popular radio and television show guest, keynote speaker, seminar facilitator and mum.

In this interview, Tsufit explains why “all business is show business”. And that entrepreneurs can learn from the world of show business. She reminds listeners that you are good enough to STAR in your own business. You only have to step into the spotlight or no one will ever know.

And you don’t have get it perfect. Just get it going.

Tsufit explains why an expert isn’t someone who knows what she knows. An expert is someone who is KNOWN for knowing what she knows.

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Download FREE TIPS: www.SpotlightSecrets.com (11 Secrets of the Spotlight: How to stand out and get noticed in 30 seconds.)

Purchase her book: www.spotlightbook.com

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