The Arc Of Your Hair (with almost hair stylist Tali)

Dec 13, 2017, 07:44 AM

Now that the Jammerz are forming a gang, they need badass haircuts to go with their new, tough alter egos so they brought in guest TALI, a newbie hairstylist, to teach them how to cut the shit out of their luscious locks. The trio is shockingly on topic UNTIL Megan (@handsomepartybutt) finally discovers Stephen’s (@thepenta) true identity AND the reason he not only does this show, but aggressively avoids talking about his age. They also debate whether or not Billy Crystal is a goblin and give out hot tips about how to discreetly package your feces to ensure you get an Uber pool to yourself! Then, Wendi (@wendibird82) threatens the guest just before handing her a pair of rusty scissors and demanding bangs. PLUS was Megan’s phone listening to her while she was having an underwear party with her boyfriend? Will Stephen have the guts to live out his fantasy of getting a haircut in the foxhole of a war zone?? Do Megan and Wendi accidentally give meaningful and, dare I say it, HELPFUL advice?!? ****++++++++*++++++++**** SUPPORT THE PussyFartGang (& Jammerz)!!! Get your Jamalamz Shoutouts at JAMMERZPOD.COM Follow on Instagram & Twitter: @jammerzpod E-mail Us! Megan Rice Instagram: @handsomepartybutt Wendi Starling Twitter: @wendistarling Instagram: @wendibird82 Stephen Penta Twitter: @thepenta Instagram: @thepenta This week's end of episode Jam is The Vaselines "Sex With An X"