Sleepy Lil' Bitch! (Painting w/ Alanna Vanacore)

Nov 29, 2017, 06:12 AM

The Jammerz are back with another LISTENER INSPIRED EPISODE!!! Australian Jammer, Sarah, challenged the trio to selfishly express themselves through the art of… ART! Specifically drawing, painting AND vomiting colored milk onto a blank canvas. To help guide them through this sketchy, new territory, the gang calls on dear friend and obnoxiously talented artist, Alanna Vanacore (@alannavana)! While searching for inspiration, they each dig up painful memories; Stephen’s (@thepenta) abusive teachers, Megan’s (@handsomepartybutt) narcissistic lover and Wendi’s (@wendibird82) knock off welfare barbie dolls. Alanna attempts to encourage them to allow the art to flow through them, but have they unleashed new inner beasts? Can their friendships survive horrifically offensive interpretations of each others’ faces?? Is their guest using mermaid witchcraft to create her masterpieces?!? Can Stephen’s jizz really jack up the resale value of used flowers?!? For all of Alanna's obnoxiously talented paintings etc. (including sales & commissions): ****++++++++*++++++++**** Come see us LIVE!!! NYC GlAmOuRpUsS Saturday, Dec 2nd at 730pm Zinc Bar 82 W 3rd St, NYC Wanna support the show? Get your Jamalamz Shoutouts at JAMMERZPOD.COM Follow on Instagram & Twitter: @jammerzpod E-mail Us! Megan Rice Instagram: @handsomepartybutt Wendi Starling Twitter: @wendistarling Instagram: @wendibird82 Stephen Penta Twitter: @thepenta Instagram: @thepenta Music JAMMZ! All painting music isThree 6 Mafia because of course it is. End of episode jam is Dai Burger "New Everything"