Vacation Hangover

Aug 30, 2017, 05:41 AM

Ever wonder what rockstar super celeb podcasters do to relax? Wonder no more because this week, we get into the dirty details of Megan’s desert vacation and the salacious specifics of Stephen and Wendi’s lakelife getaway. Megan (@handsomepartybutt) started her getaway with a surprisingly delightful visit to the DMV and the local Walmart. While Stephen (@thepenta) and Wendi (@Wendibird82) kicked off their weekend with panic attacks while surrounded with bags of gourmet cheeses AND a serendipitous Walmart trip. Miraculously, all three of the Jammerz resisted the temptation to indulge in the genetically engineered Oreo flavors offered by the superstore overlord AND the trio addresses the BIG issues like: how to cum (with or without a partner) during a group vacation, appropriate bathroom etiquette AND the most responsible way to do drugs. Will Megan ever settle on a place to live and raise a family OR will she end up living between 7 different cities? Can Stephen tell time from the position of the sun? Is Wendi ever going to overcome her weird urine addiction? Did Megan trip balls bro? And where in the FUCK can a girl find a chafing stick?!? Get the answers to these questions and more in this week's Jamsesh #VacationHangover If you want to force this crew to shout you out on the show (and show your support for Jammerz!), get your very own JAMALAMZ at ALSO… thank you for all the 'QUINOA' love!!! Our song is available anywhere you can purchase music or follow the links on Come see us LIVE!!! MIAMI, FL Wendi Starling Headlines Tuesday, September 12th at 8pm Ricky’s South Beach 1222 16th St, Miami Beach BOCA RATON, FL Wendi Starling Headlines Thursday, September 14th at 7pm Farmer's Table…ets-37427542788 PENSACOLA, FL Wendi Starling Headlines Friday, September 15th at 8pm Back Porch Comedy at CHIZUKO 506 West Belmont Street Pensacola, FL NYC GlAmOuRpUsS Saturday, Sept 23rd at 730pm Zinc Bar 82 W 3rd St, NYC End of episode jam is the eternal vacation tune: Washed Out "It All Feels Right." Did you know you can find most of the music from JAMMERZ on Spotify at JAMMERZ: The Selfish-Help Playlist ... Really... It's a thing: