Jamsesh: Social Media Mayhem

May 22, 2017, 09:11 PM

In this ultimate meta-timewarp Jamsesh, you are transported back to the hear the trio hash out the gritty details of their social media promotion efforts culminating with the midnight release of the first episode of Jammerz! Megan defends her Instagram feed, Stephen reveals his bargain shopping secrets, and Wendi unleashes her plan to get Jammerz fans in exotic locations. Everything is going smoothly until the trio goes LIVE on Instagram (courtesy of the fabulous Krystyna Hutchinson) and fame goes straight to their heads. The podcast rapidly devolves into a drug and booze fueled free for all culminating in ONE of the Jammerz reconnecting with a long-lost May/December crush AND an absolute breakdown of communication between the trio. But honestly, who cares about coherent conversations when you’re trying to get those LIKES, BAY-BEEEE! Have we mentioned that you can find us on the internet? www.jammerzpod.com E-Mail us! jammerzpod@gmail.com Follow us: @jammerzpod Follow Megan: @handsomepartybutt Follow Wendi: @wendistarling Follow Stephen: @thepenta