The Pardoner and the Friar by John Heywood

May 07, 2018, 08:00 AM

A Full Cast Adaptation of John Heywood's comedy, The Pardoner and the Friar.

A Pardoner and a Friar arrive at a church to beg for alms - unfortunately at the same time, the each refusing to give way to the other. With increasing frustration they compete for the audiences attention, before things get more fraught with the arrival of the local Parson.

With Rob Myson as the Friar and Heydn McCabe as the Pardoner. Also featuring Robert Crighton as the Parson and Simon Nader as Neighbour Prat. Additional voices by Michael Fouldes and Andy Piper.

For more information about this play, a transcript of the rehearsal text, and general background go to our blog.