The Four P's by John Heywood

Episode 14,   Jul 27, 2018, 09:11 PM

A Full Cast Adaptation of The Four P's by John Heywood

Three travellers meet and pass the time arguing as to who is better at getting to heaven - the Palmer, for his pilgrimages, the Pardoner for his relics, or the Pothecary for his medicines. They are met by a Peddler, who persuades them to settle their disagreement by having a contest in something they are all suited at - lying. A couple of tall tales later, and the Peddler is ready to make his judgement.

Otherwise known as The Four PP - the double PP is pronounced Peees - this is a full cast adaption recorded on location as part of the complete plays of John Heywood season.

With Robert Crighton as the Palmer, Heydn McCabe as the Pardoner, Geir Madland as the Pothecary and Rob Myson as the Peddler.

Recorded on location at the Constitutional Club, Bury St Edmunds, with addition sound effects thanks to 

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