Jesus Offers His Salvation Freely -


Jesus crossed the Sea to free a man who was demon-possessed, to judge the herdsmen for their sins, and to raise up a Gospel witness to bring the Good News to those in darkness.

We consider:

First, if you will trust Jesus, He will free you from your sin as He did the man who was demon-possessed.

Second, if you reject Him, He will leave you in your sins, as He did the herdsmen, and

Third, if the Lord has saved you, you need to tell others what He has done for you, as did the man who was delivered.

Though our testimony might not be quite like that of the demon-possessed man we will still have something to tell. We are challenged to do our best to obey Him, to do our best to serve Him, and to do our best to bring others to Jesus. #evangelism #judgment #redemption #salvation

Feb 25, 2012, 08:07 PM, Modesto, CA, United States
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