Cultural A-Pope-Riation Edition

May 10, 2018, 11:00 AM

In this week’s episode, Iowa redefines abortion to mean felching, Sarah Palin gets appointed to be National Secretary of All the Newspapers--wait, no, it's even dumber than that, and Bryce Blankenagel will be here and probably regret it.

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Iowa Heartbeat Bill:

Trump signs EO creating even more dangerous version of White House religious advisor panel:

Study finds link between religious fundamentalism and falling for fake news:

Woman Accused of Trying to Steal Babies Says She Was Just Giving Them Bibles

Mass grave of kids found in Peru where they were sacrificed to make God stop all the raining:

Anti-LGBTQ march gets sad little turnout of assholes:

Atheists are all coke-drinking video game addicts: and the scientists are hiding the truth about the sun and the moon:

Liberty Counsel Lawyer says Satan is behind sex ed programs in public schools:

Trump appointing Dr. Oz to council on health and nutrition:

Edna skit story: