How Syria's Assad regime steals billions in UN humanitarian aid - Interview with Dr Annie Sparrow paediatrician & world renowned humanitarian

May 13, 2018, 04:55 PM

In this Esperanza Productions podcast we meet world renowned humanitarian and paediatrician Dr Annie Sparrow who has helped save thousands of children’s lives through vaccination programmes in Syria. Dr Sparrow was in Dublin recently as a guest of the Irish Syria Solidarity Movement and came to address the joint parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee about what probably ranks as the biggest robbery of the 21st Century - how the Assad regime steals billions in humanitarian aid from the United Nations - aid donated by our governments out of our taxes. Presented by Ronan Tynan and Produced by Anne Daly this podcast grew out of their film documentary ‘Syria - The Impossible Revolution’ available on Amazon Prime in the US and the UK, and on Vimeo On Demand everywhere, and is part of a series on Syria.

Esperanza Productions is an independent film audio and interactive media producer founded by award winning filmmakers Anne Daly and Ronan Tynan.

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