The Reset Rebel meets Emanuelle Passes

May 16, 2018, 12:25 PM

This week, we talk Nervous systems with Cranio Sacral therapist Emanuelle Passes. 

Why do we get so out of whack? What can we do to fix it when we feel burned out and how do we actually prevent it in the first place?

Ibiza is an island this happens a lot in summer when you wok seasonally and the heat ramps up and the workload steadily increases, how do we stay sane. How can we stay calm, relaxed and in balance? 

The Rest Rebels Jo Youle ask some questions this week, to see if the impossible is possible, plus shares a little of her own crazy journey when she first arrives working as a music journalist on the island and how juggling teaching yoga and interviewing DJ's in nightclubs, didn't MIX!

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